Impact GIS

Impact GIS provides a range of services based around a core of mapping and photography. With over a decades experience in development lead, environmental and cultural heritage impact assessment, Impact GIS has extensive knowledge and experience of the Irish industry, having worked on projects from one off housing developments to major infrastructural projects.

Services include:

Drone / UAV Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

Photographic Services

Drone / UAV Services

Impact GIS offers a range of Drone / UAV based services, is eligible to apply for Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) Specific Operating Permission (SOP) and is fully insured for commercial operations. Services include:

  • Aerial survey and inspection;
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM);
  • Orthophotography;
  • Aerial photography; and
  • Aerial video.

Impact GIS has undertaken surveys for habitat mapping, surveys of graveyards for generating of graveyard maps and general topographical surveys.

Ground control points ensure surveys are accurate to within a few centimetres and products can be generated in a range of projections to suit the clients needs. Digital elevation models, 3D models and surfaces can be generated as required and other information, such as contours, can be extrapolated.

GIS Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

Impact GIS has a decades experience using GIS for data acquisition, data analysis and visualisation. Services include:

  • Data creation / acquisition;
  • Data conversion / manipulation;
  • Data analysis & reporting; and
  • Visualizations, including the production of maps, figures and atlases.

With most state bodies distributing appropriate data in GIS formats, GIS is now integral to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Usage cases:

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) – using spatial analysis and weighted overlays to visualise area of environmental sensitivity, as outlined in the EPA’s GISEA Manual.

Appropriate Assessment (AA) – Analysing which Natura sites (Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) or Special Protection Areas (SPA)) are located in the vicinity of a proposed development and how far away they are from the proposed development boundary for an Appropriate Assessment Screening report.

Constraints Analysis – for large scale infrastructure projects the use of robust constraints mapping, spatial analysis and weighted overlays is a powerful tool to drive the selection of study areas and preliminary route corridors.