• Gowlaun, Co. Galway

Impact GIS provides a range of services based around a core of mapping and photography. With over a decades experience in development lead, environmental and cultural heritage impact assessment, Impact GIS has extensive knowledge and experience of Irish industry, having worked on projects from one off housing developments to major infrastructural projects. Services offered include:

Drone / UAV Services – Impact GIS offers a range of Drone / UAV based services, has completed groundschool training with iFly Technology, is fully insured and is awaiting approval for IAA Aerial Works Permission. Services include:

  • Aerial Survey and inspection;
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM);
  • Orthophotography;
  • Aerial photography; and
  • Aerial videography.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services – Impact GIS has a decades experience using GIS for data acquisition, data analysis and visulisation. Services include:

  • Data creation / acquisition;
  • Data conversion / manipulation;
  • Data analysis & reporting; and
  • Visualizations, including the production of maps, figures and atlases.

Photographic Services